Storm Protection | Flood Control

Healthy wetlands, forests, and other native plant communities slow surface water flows and absorb energy, protecting communities from extreme rainfall events, rising sea levels, and flooding.  Coastal native plant communities such as mangrove forests and coastal marshes absorb and slow the movement of hurricanes and other strong storms. The protective effect of coastal plant communities can extend far inland.

Examples and Additional Resources

With a Green Makeover, Philadelphia Is Tackling Its Stormwater Problem—2018 article from Yale 360 describes $2.4 billion in investment in plant communities to avoid more than $9 billion in conventional “grey” stormwater management infrastructure

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University of California Santa Cruz, the Nature Conservancy and others.  2016 study show that coastal plant communities prevented $625 million in damage during Hurricane Sandy.

Coastal wetlands dramatically reduce property losses during hurricanes – UC Santa Cruz study summary

Comparing the cost effectiveness of nature-based and coastal adaptation: A case study from the Gulf Coast of the United States

Mangrove Forest © Shirley Denton Florida Native Plant Society

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Planning for the Future of Urban Biodiversity: A Global Review of City-Scale Initiatives – BioScience April 2017

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A benefit–cost analysis of floodplain land acquisition for US flood damage reduction. 2020 article in Nature Sustainability. It shows a return of up to $5 for every $1 invested in protecting floodplains from development.